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Absolute Greatest Tracklist Revealed!

The Queen Tracklisting Game has now closed, thanks to all who entered, we hope that you found it fun and congratulations to all our winners!

Click here for winners and tracklisting.

The track selection of ĎAbsolute Greatestí must have been tough for the band, deciding on what classic tracks to include and what to leave out and we were thrilled to see it caused such a great debate on the QOL Message Board!
We are currently compiling all the votes and looking into who got the most in the correct order over the competitionís run. The fan with the most tracks in the right placings will win a Signed Art Print worth £775!
More album information coming very soon!
Absloute Greatest Tracklisting.

01. We Will Rock You
02. We Are The Champions
03. Radio Ga Ga
04. Another One Bites The Dust
05. I Want It All
06. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
07. A Kind Of Magic
08. Under Pressure
09. One Vision
10. Youíre My Best Friend
11. Donít Stop Me Now
12. Killer Queen
13. These Are The Days Of Our Lives
14. Who Wants To Live Forever
15. Seven Seas Of Rhye
16. Heaven For Everyone
17. Somebody To Love
18. I Want To Break Free
19. The Show Must Go On
20. Bohemian Rhapsody


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