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A new press from Jim Beach

A new press from Jim Beach

"Many of you will have read bits and pieces on the internet about Queen leaving EMI and moving record companies. Although we are saying nothing official at this stage I felt that you should hear from us that it is true that Queen are leaving EMI after 39 years. Next year we start working with our new record company to celebrate Queen's 40th anniversary and we will be announcing full details of the plans over the next 3 months. As Brian has already said Queen's next moves will involve "studio work, computers and live work". Whilst working on this move I am also launching my son Ol Beach's band Yellow Wire this August. Many of you will have known about Wire Daisies which was Ol's band with Treana Morris (who Roger discovered some time back). Ol decided 2 years ago to branch out on his own to write, record, play and produce his own album using the band name Yellow Wire, a name that he got from a masseuse in South Africa when he was down there supporting Robbie Williams (more of that story in Ol's bio on! ). The album is now finished and the first single "Where is the Summer" will be released on 23rd August, you can click here to check it out. Obviously being Ol's dad I think the album is great - I hope you do to. Brian was certainly very complementary. He sent me an email saying "I like this a lot. Ol's singing? Nice'' You can't get much better than that! So give some of the tracks a listen here and if you like them register here to find out more and by all means post your comments on QOL , the Yellow Wire site or any of the related community sites. We will be having a draw from all those names that register here on the Yellow Wire site between now and the end of September. The prize will be dinner for two either in London or Montreux (all travelling expense paid) with Ol and myself where we can discuss Yellow Wire, kite surfing, Queen, life in general or whatever else takes our fancy. See you winners there!"



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