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Freddie features (and looking fantastic! – ed) on the cover of the new issue of Classic Rock magazine (May 2009/Issue 131).

He has been rightfully named as the No.1 ‘Greatest Singer In Rock’ on pages 62 and 63. The piece is made up with quotes from the Greg Brooks and Simon Lupton book Freddie Mercury: His Life In His Own Words.
“My voice takes a beating. The more vocal gymnastics I do in the studio, the more I have to do on stage.”
Greatest Vocal Performance: ‘The Show Must Go On’ from Queen’s Innuendo (1991). Innuendo was Queen’s last full studio album released before Mercury’s untimely death. It’s challenging in the extreme, running a gamut of emotion. it’s made all the more impressive when you consider how fragile Freddie was when it was recorded.
Paul Rodgers was named No.2 in the Top 30 list and speaks about how his greatest vocal performance was, in fact, also ‘The Show Must Go On’ when playing with Q+PR in Vancouver a few years ago.

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