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21 Jul 2009
Travel to India: Unique experience
Travel to India: Unique experience

Now that I am back form this great country I would like to share with you my musical impressions from this country (without other travel details, as I think this is not a proper place for that).

Indian music is absolutely different from the European: the pop music does exist but it is just a small part of their huge musical universe, which is based on a mix between traditional and popular music (mostly used for the Bollywood movies); and dance music – ancient as it was centuries ago, with almost no words and repetitions over and over again.

According to their tradition, all the songs are accompanied by group dances. Also here the main motive of movements is repeated over and over again.

So, it’s not the best place to listen to classical music. On the other hand, the local youngsters are very much influenced by foreign music, and they like it very much. The boy bands and male singers are the most popular ones, but also international rock and pop music can be easily found in Indian music stores.

But now, let’s come closer to the topic, which can be appreciated by the visitors of this page: research of Queen music. It was quite a difficult job, even though the country is totally under the Britain influence.

In big shopping centres one can only find CDs and various Greatest Hits, nothing more. In little specialized music stores there is another problem: it is quite difficult to explain to the owners the difference between the name of the group and music from movies about various royal families ? This surprised me a lot. Our favourite group is almost unknown there, and those who know it have only heard just a couple of songs.

The vinyl shops (call them shops!) are very rare and can be badly hidden among inappropriate stores of old car tyres and engines….

Nonetheless, it is possible to find rare or important pieces such as Indian version of Sheer Heart Attack, or the Greatest Hits with the title in pink.

The prices are really low, but one should pay much attention, since the LPs are being kept in quite poor conditions.

There you can find meters and meters of high piles of LPs. You are really lucky if you find something in a top of a pile: those at the bottom are practically destroyed. The plastic envelopes are not used, so the dust can easily destroy the sleeves and supports. One van find there a lot of absolutely damaged vinyl, also with profound scratches, which not only destroy the sound, but damage the support itself.

So, it was not easy at all to find something in good conditions, so I only bought the above-mentioned Sheer Heart Attack (values ca 120-130 Euro), which was in perfect condition both inside and outside (practically a virgin vinyl!) and shall be a very good collector’s piece.

Attached are several photos of the album.

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