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13 Aug 2009
Queen Vinyls - Fake & Original
Queen - Fake & Original

It has been some time now that I wanted to write down this manual to help collectors to distinguish original LPs from the fake ones. Same fakes are obvious, but some fakes are almost exact copies and it is very difficult to notice the fraud. Letís start with the most famous and expensive ones.

I Want It All Ė Japanese Promo

First, letís check out the vinyl itself: if a label is white, or if the vinyl is coloured then itís a fake, because no other releases were done for this promo. If a vinyl is black and label is normal, then we have to pay particular attention to the sleeve: if there is a dot that crosses the line, then itís a fake.

Fake Sleeve
Fake Detail

Hammer To Fall Ė 7Ē Live sleeve

As per the previous one, also this vinyl shall not be coloured (see below picture of fake blue and red). If vinyl is black, then pay attention to the sleeve, especially to the font of the word QUEEN: if it is in Times New Roman (the letter N has got longer serifs) then itís a fake. If the font is the same as on the upper foto, then youíve got a real masterpiece!
Fake blue and red
Fake 7"

JAZZ Ė Picture disc
This time we are lucky, Ďcause it is very easy to distinguish original from a fake. There are only two original versions of the French PDK: with white border (there are no fakes of this one), and with black border. The original black border PDK has got a die-cut sleeve (to display the LP), so pay attention to those without it. The word JAZZ on the original LP is of light pink colour. It tends to become violet on the fake ones.
Fake and original

Greatest Hits Ė Picture disc

Some say that even the original of this LP is a fake! But its value is very high anyway, so there are fakes of the fake! Original image is much broader than the fake one; in fact one can see Johnís head and Brianís left hand. These are missing on the faked picture disc.

The Show Must Go On Ė Italian Red Single Vinyl

Also here a fake can be distinguished easily: original LP has got a red transparent colour. If the colour is opaque and label is in white or any other colour, then itís a fake.

I Can Hear Music - Larry Lurex

Also here a fake can be distinguished easily: fake vinyl has got only a little hole (like LP). Look the picture below for the original one.

Other Picture Disc Released

Pirate Sheer Heart Attack Pirate A Night at the Opera
Pirate News Of The World It's A Hard Life - UK 12" EMI 12QUEENP3
FPirate A Kind of Magic A Kind of Magic - UK 12" EMI 12QUEENP7B
Pirate Who Wants To Live forever Friends Will Be Friends - UK 7" EMI QUEENP8
Breakthru - UK Shaped 7" Parlophone QUEENPD11 Innuendo (explosive version) - UK 12" Parlophone 12QUEENPD16
Headlong - UK 12" Parlophone QUEENPD18 I'm Going Slightly Mad - UK Shaped 7" Parlophone QUEENPD17
Queen At The BBC - USA Promo LP Hollywood ED-62005 Let Me Live - UK 7" Parlophone QUEENPD24
No-One But You - UK 7" UK Parlophone QUEENPD27
No-One But You - UK 7" UK Parlophone QUEENPD28

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