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The Queen DB - Specials
28 Mar 2011
Freddie Mercury portrait
My father designed this great framework to honor the twentieth anniversary of the death of Freddie M ...Read more
22 Dec 2010
Freddie Mercury - L'ultimo immortale
A full documentary dedicated to Freddie, in Italian ...Read more
05 Sep 2010
New Collectors Items?
New Picture Discs, are they original or not? ...Read more
09 Mar 2010
Queen - Cover Songs
All the covers, sung by Queen during their live performances ...Read more
15 Feb 2010
Who plays with Queen?
A great list of all Support Groups in the story of our favorite band! ...Read more
13 Jan 2010
A great Memorabilia!
A piece of story and a great collectable item for every single fan! ...Read more
01 Dec 2009
I Will Not Let You Go: The Bohemian Rhapsody Story
Another chance to hear Steve Wright examine the phenomenon of Queen’s fourth charted single ...Read more
25 Nov 2009
The Unofficial Comic of Queen
Finally this dream has been realized! A very special present for all fans. Read it, and dream... ...Read more
13 Aug 2009
Queen Vinyls - Fake & Original
The first guide to help you, from now no fakes in your vinyl collection ...Read more
21 Jul 2009
Travel to India: Unique experience
Now that I am back form this great country I would like to share with you my musical impressions ...Read more
06 May 2009
Frazetta Egyptian Queen Statue
A great memorabilia's Item, this statue was used for Killer Queen in its Malta version ...Read more
01 Jan 2009
Top 100 Queen worldwide rarities
Probably the most updated list of all the rarities of Queen. With prices!! ...Read more

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